Water sanitation hygiene

World Water Forum 6: Time for solutions

Date:7-12 March 2012
Place: Marseilles, France

With a focus on “harvesting” solutions under 12 priority areas and three cross-cutting issues, the 6th World Water Forum aims to provide an important milestone in the process of combining dialogue, action and monitoring of results amongst the widest possible range of water stakeholders. Under Priority for Action 1.3: Contribute to hygiene and health through water and sanitation, WHO is coordinating Forum activities around seven targets with their respective coordinators.

One of the members of the WHO/UNICEF JMP (Joint Monitoring Programme) team is target coordinator for target 1.1.5 under Priority for Action 1.1 “Guarantee access to water for all and the Right to Water”. Target 5 reads: “By 2015, elaborate key global indicators regarding water quality, accessibility, availability, affordability and non-discrimination, all major components of the human right to drinking water.”

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