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Tracking financing to sanitation, hygiene and drinking-water at national level

The UN-Water GLAAS TrackFin Initiative

Financial reporting of the WASH sector, both at national and international level, is often insufficient to have a good understanding of the situation and make sound and evidence-based financing decisions. To respond to these needs, WHO launched in September 2012 the TrackFin initiative, as part of UN-Water GLAAS.

The objectives of TrackFin are to define and test a globally accepted methodology to track financing to WASH at national level, in order to strengthen national systems for the collection and analysis of financial information for policy-making and programming and to improve our understanding at global level.

Building on the experience of the national health accounts, which have been used in the health sector for several decades, WHO has developed a methodology to track financing to WASH, based on a previous Working Paper released in 2012. This has been done jointly with leading institutions and experts (such as UN Department of Statistics, the OECD and the World Bank).

The guidance document outlines the methodology. It aims to provide countries with guidance for collecting comparable financial data and compiling it in a shared format of tables, referred to as WASH Accounts. The methodology is being tested in several countries who have officially requested to participate. Based on the results, the methodology will be revised and this guidance document will be updated for implementation in other countries.