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Prepared by Mayling Simpson-Hébert and Sara Wood
© 1998, WHO

Sanitation promotion

Sanitation promotion cover

The objective of this book is to help water supply and sanitation professionals and others who care about advancing sanitation to promote it effectively.

What is promotion? Promotion involves all the things one must do to raise or advance a cause, raise the profile and status of the cause, further the growth and expansion of the cause, and to further its popularity. Promotion, in the public health sense of the word, also involves providing the enabling mechanisms to others so that they may take up the cause armed with effective tools. This book has been designed to try and meet this need with regard to the promotion of sanitation.

This is not a press kit or an advocacy kit to be placed directly on the desk of a minister or politician. It is a group of articles and tools to guide the user in promoting sanitation to others and to help the user strengthen his own programme or project so that it will be a showcase example of good practice. It does not provide directly-usable advocacy materials, such as overhead transparencies but does provide enough guidance for the user to make his or her own.

This book has been prepared for policy makers and strategic planners a t national, district and municipal levels who are responsible for securing investments for sanitation, and planning, commissioning, monitoring and evaluating sanitation programmes. Other potential users are external support agencies and nongovernmental organizations that make large investments in sanitation or have a role in providing expertise in sanitation to other large investors. A few items can be used directly a t project level by senior field staff to check whether their projects are applying principles of good practice and thus should be successful showcase examples.

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