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Healthy villages

A guide for communities and community health


Howard G, Bog C, Goldstein G et al.

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Number of pages: 127
Publication date: 2002
Languages: English, French
ISBN: 92 4 154553 4


Health is determined by many factors, including income, environmental conditions - such as access to adequate sanitation and safe water supplies - individual behaviour, and health services. More than half of the world's population lives in villages and rural areas and most of those without access to safe water sources or basic sanitation are rural dwellers. Enabling rural populations to protect and improve their health is a major challenge worldwide.

In response to this, an informal "healthy villages" movement has evolved. A healthy villages project promotes local actions by the community members, mobilizing human and financial resources to build healthy environments and promote healthy behaviours.

This guide is intended to provide community leaders with information to assist them in implementing and sustaining a health villages project. It covers topics such as water and sanitation drainage, waste management, housing quality, domestic and community hygiene, and provision of health services, providing extensive source materials for adaptation to local needs and conditions.

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