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Guide to ship sanitation


The issue of water on cruise ships and in aircraft/airports, which is covered briefly in chapter 6 of the Third Edition of the Guidelines for Drinking-Water Quality, is of considerable international interest. Drinking-water is addressed in the documents Guide to Ship Sanitation and Guide to Hygiene and Sanitation in Aviation, which are both in revision at present.

Expected end-product(s)

Two stand-alone documents for publication in 2005. The Guide to Ship Sanitation is now available as a draft for public review.

Download the full document

- Guide to ship sanitation [pdf 715kb]

Download individual chapters

- Contents, foreword, acknowledgements [pdf 50kb]
- 1. Introduction [pdf 26kb]
- 2. Waterborne disease [pdf 97kb]
- 3. Foodborne disease [pdf 78kb]
- 4. Swimming and spa pools [pdf 68kb]
- 5. Waste management and disposal [pdf 33kb]
- 6. Legionnaires' disease. [pdf 44kb]
- 7. Persistent infectious agents [pdf 56kb]
- 8. Disease vectors [pdf 35kb]
- 9. Disease surveillance and outbreak management [pdf 56kb]
- 10. Audit and inspection of ship safety [pdf 36kb]
- 11. Construction [pdf 310kb]
- 12. Responsibilities [pdf 28kb]

Comments on the draft would be welcome and should be submitted by e-mail before 10 January 2005.

Submit your comments [pdf 22kb]

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