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Health-care waste management rapid assessment tool

In many (mainly low income) countries, improper management of wastes generated in health care facilities causes direct health impacts on the community, the personnel working in health care facilities, and on the environment. In addition, pollution due to inadequate treatment of waste can cause indirect health effects to the community.

Health-care wastes (HCW) include sharps (syringes, disposable scalpels, blades, etc.), non-sharps (swabs, bandages, disposable medical devices, etc.), blood and anatomic waste (blood bags, diagnostic samples, body parts, etc.), chemicals (solvents, disinfectants, etc.), pharmaceuticals, and others, and may be infectious, toxic, create injuries or be radioactive.

This rapid assessment tool is a part of an overall strategy developed by WHO which aims at reducing the disease burden caused by poor health care waste management (HCWM) through the promotion of best practices and the development of safety standards.


Download the rapid assessment tool