Water sanitation hygiene


Water treament in India

Economic benefits of investing in water and sanitation are considerable: they include an overall estimated gain of 1.5% of global GDP and a US$ 4.3 return for every dollar invested in water and sanitation services, due to reduced health care costs for individuals and society, and greater productivity and involvement in the workplace through better access to facilities.

The TrackFin initiative, led by UN-Water GLAAS at the World Health Organization, aims to track financing to drinking-water, sanitation and hygiene for better resource allocation and decision-making that could be seen as beneficial to the water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) sector at the national level. Better quality and more finely disaggregated WASH data will help identify inequalities and allow more precisely targeted interventions. This in turn will help to strengthen the case for the centrality of water and sanitation’s role in all health and development work—a role that has to be taken into account in profiling the sector and in national budget and finance decisions.

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