Water sanitation hygiene

Progress on Drinking-water and Sanitation: Special Focus on Sanitation (JMP 2008)

As 2008 is the International Year of Sanitation (IYS) JMP has taken the opportunity to make sanitation a major focus in its 2008 update report, entitled "Progress on Drinking-water and Sanitation: special focus on sanitation."

This report details global progress towards the Millennium Development Goal (MDG) target for drinking-water and sanitation, and analyses what these trends suggest for the remainder of the UN Decade "Water for Life" (2005 - 2015).

It introduces a new way of assessing global, regional and country progress using the "ladder" concept for both sanitation and drinking-water. For sanitation, trends in using improved, shared, and unimproved sanitation facilities are shown, in addition to the trend in open defecation. The drinking-water ladder shows the percentage of global population using piped connections into a dwelling, plot or yard; other improved water sources; and unimproved sources. The intention is to continue refining the "ladders" in future reports.