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Water Sanitation and Health (WSH)

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Information and advocacy

Press Releases

- WHO issues revised drinking water guidelines to help prevent water-related outbreaks and disease
- Investment in water and sanitation yields health and economic benefits, Press release 28, 2004
- World Water Day - Immediate solutions for persistent problems, Press release 12, 2001
- Almost half the world's people have no acceptable means of sanitation, Press release 73, 2000
- Researchers warn of impending disaster from mass arsenic poisoning, Press release 55, 2000
- Web-based environmental sanitation network launched, Press release 14, 2000
- Turkey: water and sanitation, surveillance systems now key to disease control, Press release 44, 1999
- WHO experts re-evaluate health risks from dioxins, Press release 45, 1998
- E-Coli infections increasing, Press release 41, 1997
- WHO/UNICEF joint strategy on water and health systems, Press release 43, 1997


- Information and advocacy
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