Water sanitation hygiene

Water, Sanitation and Health electronic library

3rd edition

© 2004 World Health Organization
24 November 2004

This third edition of WHO's water sanitation and health electronic library compiles information available from the World Health Organization on the theme. It includes many of the current publications and documents in HTML format, and some other resource materials such as posters in PDF format. It contains more than 20000 pages of information, comprising over 150 books, documents and information material. The revised edition of the WSH CD-ROM contains the third edition of the Guidelines for Drinking-Water Quality.

The CD-ROM includes different information material such as books and reports, training documents and teaching material, water related disease fact sheets, slide collections. The purpose of this compilation is to make information more readily accessible especially in countries with limited internet access. It should be useful to scientists, policy makers, practitioners, students and other, whether they belong to government, operational agencies, consultancies, academia, NGOs or other institutions.

The design of the CD-ROM facilitates information recovery, and incorporates file formats and browsers which can be run virtually on any desktop or laptop computer. the information is primarily in English with a few documents also available in French. Thw WHO Water, Sanitation and Health Electronic Library is updated yearly. Each new edition includes the latest information available as well as some texts which could not be incorporated in previous editions.

Files can be accessed by any browser. The documents may be searched by titles or authors, themes, topics or keywords. Multi-criteria searches make them easily accessible.