Water sanitation hygiene

GLAAS 2014 findings: Highlights for the Region of the Americas

World Health Organization, UN-Water

Publication details

Number of pages: 18
Publication date: 2016
Languages: English
WHO reference number: WHO/FWC/WSH/16.41


The Region of the Americas Highlights includes analysis of implementation of national policies, sustainability, human rights and equity measures, monitoring, human resources, financing and external support.

Sixteen countries out of 35 in the WHO Region of the Americas, with a total population of 550 million, participated in the GLAAS 2013/2014 reporting cycle. Overall, access to improved drinking-water and sanitation services in the Region of the Americas is 96 and 87 per cent (in 2015), respectively. More than 110 million people gained access to an improved drinking-water source and over 400 million gained access to improved sanitation in the 2005 to 2015 time period.

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