Water sanitation hygiene

Safe piped water

Managing microbial water quality in piped distribution systems


Publication details

Editors: Ainsworth R
Number of pages: 147
Publication date: 2004
Languages: English
ISBN: 924156251X



Microorganisms occur in piped distributions from source water, through contamination during distributions and because of growth. Different organisms may cause a range of adverse health effects. Effective management varies with the organisms and their origin.

Safe piped water addresses the factors affecting the presence and growth of micro-organisms in piped networks as well as the practices of water supply organisations that can directly or indirectly influence them. The book shows that there are often public health reasons for adopting a more proactive approach to many of the traditional practices used in designing, operating and maintaining distribution networks, and to modifying the composition of the water that is fed into those networks.

The information and conclusions contained in Safe piped water are intended for policy makers and those responsible for formulating ‘Water Safety Plans’ for the supply of drinking-water. The book is also highly relevant to engineers and scientists who are responsible for water supply planning, operations and monitoring.

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