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"Managing information by assessing trends and comparing performance; setting the agenda for, and stimulating research and development" ...
is one of the core functions listed in the General Programme of Work 2002-2005 of WHO

The Journal on Water and Health

WHO collaborates with IWA Publishing, to publish the Journal of Water and Health. This new journal represents a joint commitment to promote the highest-quality research and practice across the full range of challenges to harnessing water for health in developing and developed countries alike. Contributions will be published on the health-related aspects of the following areas:

  • epidemiology
  • risk assessment
  • detection and ecology of pathogens in the environment
  • water and wastewater treatment
  • disinfection
  • disinfection by-products
  • indicators of water and waste quality
  • regulatory issues and standard development
  • water quality surveys
  • monitoring
  • microbial toxins (including cyanobacteria)
  • chemical and physical quality of water as it affects health
  • endocrine disruptors
  • taste and odour
  • impacts of water quality on food quality
  • impact of climate change on water quality
  • water-based diseases
  • water-based insect vectors of disease
  • water policy and health
  • health effectiveness of water management
- More information on the Journal of Water and Health [pdf 602kb]

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