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By R. Bos, M. Birley, P. Furu and C. Engel
ISBN 92 4 154563 1
© 2003, WHO
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Health opportunities in development

health opportunities in development cover

A Course Manual on Developing Intersectoral Decision-making Skills in Support of Health Impact Assessment

This manual presents in detail the principles of problem-based learning for the development of professional capacities to deal with issues of an intersectoral nature. Health is a cross-cutting issue in the development activities of many other public sectors. Both health sector professionals and professionals in the other sectors require to develop skills allowing them to successfully engage in intersectoral negotiations and action during project planning, design and operation.

The second part of the Manual is a practical, step-by-step guide on how to organise the course, in the context of one particular field of work, Health Impact Assessment of development projects. Preparations for and implementation of a task-oriented course are illustrated from the experience of five courses held in different parts of the world.

The third part contains all course materials, including the Task Guides, guides for tutors and resource persons, generic course schedules and instructions for field trips. A CD-ROM is part of this set, and includes electronic versions of all materials contained in the guide as well as background text books and visual aids. The complete set consists of two volumes (Volume I: parts 1 and 2; Volume II: part 3) and a CD-ROM.

- Part 1: Course basics and Part 2: Course implementation [pdf 557kb]
- Part 3: Course materials [pdf 709kb]

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