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Water quality monitoring

Guide to the design and implementation of freshwater quality studies

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Editors: J. Bartram and R. Ballance
Number of pages: 383
Publication date: 1996
Languages: English
ISBN: 0 419 21730 4


Freshwater is a finite resource as essential to agriculture and industry as it is to basic human existence. Water quality monitoring is a fundamental tool in the management of freshwater resources.

This book covers the entire monitoring process providing detailed guidance for implementing a monitoring network with step-by-step descriptions of field and laboratory methods. It will be particularly relevant for field use in developing countries and provides:

  • a protocol for design and implementation of monitoring surface and groundwater;
  • details of sampling and analytical methods;
  • guidance on data analysis and presentation.

This book brings together information on proven methods and will be useful for anyone concerned with water quality monitoring with a scientific, managerial or engineering background, including field staff. An overview of the principles underlying hydrological, chemical, biological and sediment measurements together with their importance and relevance to water quality monitoring is also included.

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