Water quality assessments: A guide to the use of biota, sediments and water in environmental monitoring, 2nd ed.
Edited by Deborah Chapman

This second edition of a highly successful guide has been completely updated to take in the latest developments in strategies and methodologies. It gives comprehensive and practical advice on designing and setting up monitoring programmes to obtain valid data for water quality assessment in all types of freshwater bodies.

Water Quality Assessments

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Water quality assessments [pdf 5.58Mb]

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Forewords to the first and second editions, Summary and scope, Acknowledgements, Abbreviations [pdf 57kb]
Chapter 1. An introduction to water quality [pdf 127kb]
Chapter 2. Strategies for water quality assessment [pdf 192kb]
Chapter 3. Selection of water quality variables [pdf 364kb]
Chapter 4. The use of particulate material [pdf 547kb]
Chapter 5. The use of biological material [pdf 385kb]
Chapter 6. Rivers [pdf 943kb]
Chapter 7. Lakes [pdf 647kb]
Chapter 8. Reservoirs [pdf 601kb]
Chapter 9. Groundwater [pdf 1.02Mb]
Chapter 10. Data handling and presentation [pdf 767kb]
Appendix 10.1. Basic design for sampling programme [pdf 53kb]

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