Water quality monitoring: A practical guide to the design and implementation of freshwater quality studies and monitoring programmes
Edited by J. Bartram and R. Ballance

Freshwater is a finite resource as essential to agriculture and industry as it is to basic human existence. Water quality monitoring is a fundamental tool in the management of freshwater resources.

This book covers the entire monitoring process providing detailed guidance for implementing a monitoring network with step-by-step descriptions of field and laboratory methods. It will be particularly relevant for field use in developing countries and provides:

This book brings together information on proven methods and will be useful for anyone concerned with water quality monitoring with a scientific, managerial or engineering background, including field staff. An overview of the principles underlying hydrological, chemical, biological and sediment measurements together with their importance and relevance to water quality monitoring is also included.


Water quality monitoring [pdf 3.55Mb]

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Table of contents, foreword, acknowledgments [pdf 142kb]
Chapter 1 - Introduction [pdf 111kb]
Chapter 2 - Water quality [pdf 191kb]
Chapter 3 - Resources for a monitoring programme [pdf 261kb]
Chapter 4 - Resources for a monitoring programme [pdf 120kb]
Chapter 5 - Field work and sampling [pdf 362kb]
Chapter 6 - Field testing methods [pdf 242kb]
Chapter 7 - Physical and chemical analyses [pdf 409kb]
Chapter 8 - Advanced instrumental analysis [pdf 129kb]
Chapter 9 - Analytical quality assurance [pdf 236kb]
Chapter 10 - Microbiological analyses [pdf 215kb]
Chapter 11- Biological monitoring [pdf 311kb]
Chapter 12 - Hydrological measurements [pdf 122kb]
Chapter 13 - Sediment measurements [pdf 150kb]
Chapter 14 - Use and reporting of monitoring data [pdf 381kb]
Appendix 1 - Portable field kits [pdf 111kb]

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Rolling revision of the WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality

Water quality monitoring is included in the plan of work of the rolling revision of the WHO Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality.


The Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality Final Task Force meeting (Geneva, 2003) was informed that the second edition of the text Water Quality Monitoring was being updated. This document is not linked to the Guidelines but is referred to for guidance on analytical quality control, sampling and laboratory aspects. The Final Task Force meeting also noted that the need for substantive guidance on sampling and monitoring (in developing countries) had already been taken into account in this supporting document. In relation to a comment that future tasks related to the Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality should include providing guidance on good laboratory practice in developing countries in routine and in core/central laboratories, it was pointed out that the Water Quality Monitoring book that is currently being prepared deals with this issue. Updating should take account of changes proposed to Guidelines for Drinking-water Quality Volume 3.

Expected end-product(s)

Updated second edition of the book.

Progress to date

Updating of the second edition is progressing.

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