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27 November 2002

Outline plan of work 2002-2003

Health policy and advocacy for water management in development


(Policy and advocacy activities focus on a limited number of targeted issues. These concern areas in which: (i) major policy development is planned or in discussion with potential health impacts arising from water management actions; (ii) a change in policy would yield unusually high health gains; and (iii) health gains are used to justify changes in water sanitation and hygiene actions, which are not substantiated by available evidence. Emphasis is placed on delivering outputs to major policy forums and in collaboration with other international partners, when appropriate.)

Water for people and health

Promotion of access to safe water supply and adequate sanitation as a major requirement to ensure a healthy life and enable the social development of the poor and unserved. Activities will focus on evidence-base policy development and are closely aligned with the millennium declaration goals.

Water for food and health

Water for food is important for health through food security, nutrition and effects of inappropriate water use practices. Activities will mainly focus on the inter-agency Dialogue on Water, Food and Environment. Emphasis will be on the Dialogue establishing a knowledge base. Other activities will include collaboration with the International Water Management Institute and other centres of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (and, in particular, with the System-wide Initiative on Malaria and Agriculture) on the development and promotion of water management and other agricultural practices for vector-borne disease control, in close conjunction with Roll Back Malaria and the Regional Offices.

Water and human rights

Several soft law and hard law instruments refer to rights concerning water, but the "right to water" remains unclear. Ongoing activities aim to clarify the status of this right and to draw attention to this in appropriate forums.

WHO contribution to Freshwater Year 2003 and the Third World Water Forum

Planning, preparation and coordination with related institutions of the International Year of Freshwater Year (2003) and the Third World Water Forum (Kyoto, March 2003), which are major policy initiative events in the near future.

Programme development and support

Household water management policy analysis

To develop a policy analysis on household water management, based on the outcome of burden of disease and cost-effectiveness studies.

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