WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES)

A transformation to support innovation, efficiency and quality

In October 2015, WHO initiated reforms to foster innovation, improve efficiency, assure quality and support best use and management of pesticide products.

Effective October 2016, the WHOPES programme will refocus to strengthen normative guidance for vector control product evaluation and pesticide life-cycle management. The WHO prequalification unit (PQ) will review all new applications for evaluation of pesticide products in existing categories (i.e. long-lasting insecticidal nets, larvicides, products for indoor residual and space spraying and other commonly used public health pesticide products).

WHOPES together with the EVC unit (Global Malaria Programme) will assist PQ in joint pre-submission guidance for manufacturers of pesticide products, and continue to manage the FAO/WHO Joint Meeting on Pesticide Specifications (JMPS). From 2017–2018, capacity of the WHO collaborating institutions will be strengthened to develop a quality management system complying with good laboratory practice (GLP). From 2019 on, improved pesticide evaluation systems will be managed by PQ.