WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES)

Technical guidance for management of public health pesticides

Policy frameworks and guidelines

Code of Conduct and other international instruments

Global Strategic framework for integrated vector management

WHO Position Statement on integrated vector management

Guidelines on public health pesticide management policy for the WHO African Region | French

Guidelines on public health pesticide management policy for the WHO South-East Asia Region


Guidelines for the Registration of Pesticides | French | Spanish

Guidelines on efficacy testing and evaluation of public health pesticides

Generic models for risk assessment of public health pesticides

The WHO recommended classification of pesticides by hazard and guidelines to classification

Guideline specifications for equipment for vector control

Guidelines on data requirements for registration of pesticides


Guidelines on licensing of public health pest control operators: International code of conduct on pesticide management

Guidelines on developing a reporting system for health and environmental incidents resulting from exposure to pesticide | Spanish

Guidelines for quality control pesticides | French | Spanish

Manual on the development and use of FAO and WHO specifications for pesticides

Guidelines on compliance and enforcement of a pesticide regulatory programme

Quality control of pesticides products - Guidelines for national laboratories

WHO specifications for public health pesticides

Guidelines on pesticide advertising | Spanish

Distribution and sale

Pesticide storage and stock control

Guidelines for the purchase of public health pesticides


Guidelines on personal protection when working with pesticides in the tropical climates

Space spray application of insecticides for vector and public health pest control - A practitioner’s guide

Pesticides and their application for the control of vectors and pests of public health importance

Sound management of pesticides and diagnosis and treatment of pesticide poisoning - A resource tool

Manual for indoor residual spraying - Application of residual sprays for vector control

Training and awareness raising

Decision-making for the judicious use of insecticides - Facilitator's guide

Decision-making for the judicious use of insecticides - Participant's guide

Specifications for pesticides - A training manual (Facilitator's and Participant's guides)

Safe disposal of obsolete stocks and waste

Prevention of accumulation of obsolete pesticide stocks

Guidelines for the management of small quantities of unwanted and obsolete pesticides

Guidelines for the management and disposal of empty pesticide containers | Spanish