WHO Pesticide Evaluation Scheme (WHOPES)

Evaluation and testing of insecticides. Report of the WHO Informal Consultation, 7−11 October 1996, WHO/HQ, Geneva

WHO/Department of Communicable Disease Prevention, Control and Eradication

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Editors: Dr M. Zaim/WHOPES
Number of pages: ii, 70 p.
Publication date: October 1996
Languages: English
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The consultation was opened on behalf of the Director-General of the WHO by the Assistant Director General, Dr. R. H. Henderson. He recalled that the last consultation on this subject was held in November 1987 and the present consultation was convened with the following objectives:

  • to review and update the methods and criteria for the evaluation and testing of pesticides;
  • to provide information to the pesticide industry about the requirements for pesticides in public health programmes;
  • to draw the attention of the industry to the problems faced in vector-borne disease control, especially those due to the spread of resistance to insecticides;
  • to stimulate the development of alternative chemicals and formulations for public health use; and
  • to strengthen the relationship between WHO, industry and the WHO Collaborating Centres.