World health report

World health report 2001 statistical annex

The tables in this technical annex present updated information on the burden of disease and summary measures of population health in WHO Member States and Regions for the year 2000. The material in these tables will be presented on an annual basis in each World health report. As with any innovative approach, methods and data sources can be refined and improved. It is hoped that careful scrutiny and use of the results will lead to progressively better measurement of health attainment in the coming World health reports. All the main results are reported with uncertainty intervals in order to communicate to the user the plausible range of estimates for each country on each measure. Where data are presented by country, initial WHO estimates and technical explanations were sent to Member States for comment. Comments or data provided in response were discussed with them and incorporated where possible. The estimates reported here should still be interpreted as the best estimates of WHO rather than the official viewpoint of Member States.