World health report

Chapter 2

Responding to urgent health needs

This chapter identifies some of the most important performance challenges facing health systems and the global health workforce today, examines the ways in which the health workforce is meeting them, and suggests how these responses can be improved. These challenges are, first, to scale up interventions to attain the health-related MDGs; second, to shift successfully to community-based and patient-centred paradigms of care for the treatment of chronic diseases; third, to tackle the problems posed by disasters and outbreaks; and fourth, to preserve health services in conflict and post-conflict states.

In this chapter

  • High-priority services: human resources for health and the MDGs
  • Preparing the workforce for the growing burden of chronic diseases and injuries
  • Mobilizing for emergency needs: natural disasters and outbreaks
  • Working in conflict and post-conflict environments
  • Conclusion