Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health

Representing the iERG


  • Latin America and the Carribean: challenges and progress in improving RMNCH
    22 - 24 October 2012 | Antigua, Guatemala - Convened by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), representatives from the six countries of Latin America and the Caribbean - Brazil, Mexico, Guatemala, Bolivia, Haiti and Peru - gathered in Guatemala for a regional RMNCH accountability meeting. Carmen Barroso made a presentation on the work of the IERG and focused on findings of the IERG related to three recommendations of the COIA which she considered particularly relevant for the region.
  • A Fine Balance: Contraceptive Choice in the 21st Century
    4-7 September 2012 | Bellagio, Italy - A Fine Balance: Contraceptive Choice in the 21st Century. The USAID-funded RESPOND Project, a global project dedicated to increasing access to and the quality of FP around the world, convened a consultation of experts to explore the intersection of human rights and contraceptive choice and equity. Carmen Barroso represented the iERG at the meeting.
  • CSW Side Event: Keeping Promises, Measuring Results
    2 March 2012 | New York, US - The Government of Canada, PMNCH, and UNF, in support of Every Woman Every Child, hosted a side event during the 56th CSW to discuss “Keeping Promises, Measuring Results: Enhancing Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health”. Carmen Barroso represented the iERG.


  • iERG 2014 report at PAHO 53d DC
    3 October 2014 | Washington - There has been progress in improving the health situation of women and children in the region of the Americas and the world, but there is much left to do, said Carmen Barroso, Regional Director of International Planned Parenthood Federation, Western Hemisphere Region (IPPF/WHR), and one of nine members of the independent Expert Review Group (iERG). Barroso presented the findings from the 2014 iERG report, Every Woman, Every Child: a Post-2015 Vision, during PAHO’s 53rd Directing Council.