Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health

Inter-Parliamentary Union meeting: ensuring achievement of MNCH results

Kenyan Parliamentarians met over two days to discuss their role in improving the stagnating mortality and morbidity rates for women and children. The meeting which was co-hosted by the Kenyan Parliament and the Inter-Parliamentary Union was the first in a series of collaborative efforts to define specific actions that the Kenyan parliament can take to support the improvement of women’s and children’s health.

Prof Miriam Were represented the iERG at the meeting. Prof Were noticed that the meeting was a good opportunity to engage with the regional stakeholders and provide them with update on the iERG activities. Those Members of Parliament (MPs) who attended this IPU meeting were from the MDG Caucus group and from the Parliamentary Health Committee.

Participating MPs stated that they would plan a half a day session at which all MPs will be invited to attend so that all MPs are fully briefed on the important work taking place around MDG 4 & 5 and on how they can follow up this work in their own constituencies. There was appreciation of the 11 indicators as providing guidance on what MPs would be looking for in their constituencies and in the nations as a whole.