Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health

2nd report of the independent Expert Review Group

The UN Secretary-General’s Global Strategy for Women’s and Children’s Health, Every Woman Every Child, was launched in September, 2010 to accelerate progress towards MDGs 4 (child survival) and 5 (maternal and reproductive health). A critical part of this strategy was the creation of an accountability mechanism to ensure that commitments to women’s and children’s health were being delivered on time and with impact. The UN Commission on Information and Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health reported in 2011. One of the Commission’s 10 recommendations was the creation of an independent Expert Review Group (iERG) to report regularly to the UN Secretary-General on the results and resources related to the Global Strategy, and on progress in implementing the Commission’s recommendations.

Launch of the 2nd iERG report:
Every Woman Every Child: strengthening equity and dignity through health

This is the second of the four annual reviews that the iERG will complete up to and including the Millennium Development Goal target date of 2015.

This second report summarises progress towards MDGs 4 and 5, the delivery of commitments made to the UN SG’s Global Strategy, and the Commission’s recommendations. It also takes two new subjects—country accountability and adolescents—and reviews status in both areas. The iERG puts forth six new recommendations, in addition to those made last year, and reviews how the recommendations made in 2012 have been received and responded to by partners.

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