Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health

Call for submission of documentation for good practice and obstacles

2013: iERG call for evidence

The independent Expert Review Group (iERG) is re-launching the Call for submission of documentation on good practices and obstacles. These materials will inform and complement our review and analysis for our second report - due in September, 2013 – that will assess progress related to the implementation of the Global Strategy and the recommendations of the UN Commission on Information and Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health.


We are particularly interested to receive submissions on the following themes related to delivery of promises and implementation of the Commission's recommendations:

2013 focus areas:

  • adolescents;
  • national accountability mechanisms in 75 priority countries;
  • human rights;
  • Recommendation 8. Transparency.
  • any other subjects relevant to the work of the iERG (see Terms of Reference).

Other topics of interest:

RMNCH in fragile countries and emergency situations, donor and government accountability, role of private sector.


Submissions are accepted in the following formats:

  • descriptive essays, with indication of potential impact;
  • research papers, including economic evaluation;
  • human interest stories, news and media articles, visual items (tables, graphs, photo portfolios, video materials, etc.)

Research papers should contain sections describing background, methods, results and discussions. Other forms of submissions need to describe the context, methods, processes; and specific lessons, as well as generalizable lessons. All submissions should discuss the potential implications for policy and practice.


How to submit:

Please send your documentation to the iERG Secretariat at


The Call remains open through the iERG’s mandate.
In order to inform the second iERG report (2013), submissions should be in by 15 May 2013.