Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health

Call for Visual Evidence: images of accountability

For the iERG 2014 report

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Visual evidence is an innovative oversight tool that helps tell a true story about lives of women and children, their health needs and progress that has been made.

In our second report, we used image evidence as one of an armory of tools to talk about accountability and action around quality of care. The images used have all been taken, with consent, over the last 1-2 years in some of the 75 high-burden countries. They highlight the unacceptable realities faced by those attending for care and those working to provide care.

As we are starting working on our third report, we want to create a movement for change using images for accountability.

Do you share our vision? Then, why not become part of this movement? Send us your photo contributions to amplify messages of our 2014 report.


  • 2014 focus: early childhood development
  • other topics of interest: newborns/stillbirths, adolescent health, maternal and child nutrition, violence, unsafe abortion, PMTCT/access to ART for women, IDPs/conflict, private sector/public sector, human rights, non-communicable diseases, disability, sexual and reproductive health, human resources for health


  • only digital images are accepted;
  • maximum of 5 Mb file size (per image);
  • all images must be in JPEG or JPG format;
  • excessive editing and manipulation is not recommended;
  • image(s) must be the original work of the photographer submitting the image(s);
  • the content contained in the image(s) does not infringe on the intellectual property (including copyright and trademark) or any other rights of any individual or entity;
  • all files must be named with the photographer’s name and/or description such as ‘Name_surname_subject_DD.MM.YY.jpeg’;
  • all files should be accompanied by the following information: full photographer’s name and title, contact details, title of the image, a brief caption (5-10 lines) about shooting’s date, place, and context;
  • geographical scope: any of 75 iERG priority countries;
  • shooting timeline: September, 2012 – May, 2014

A written disclaimer about works’ originality, authorizing publication, is mandatory.



How to submit:

We welcome contributions from all stakeholders, in particular form groups or individuals whose voice is often not heard.
We encourage you to share your images through Dropbox or alternative file-hosting services using our email:


Submissions should be in by 15 May 2014.