Accountability for Women’s and Children’s Health

iERG monitoring framework

iERG monitoring indicators

The iERG monitoring framework is composed of a set of 18 indicators to measure progress on implementation of the first nine Commission’s recommendations (Recommendation 10 is the iERG itself).

1. Vital events and HIS

  • Birth registration: at least 75% of births registered
  • Death registration: at least 60% of deaths registered
  • Maternal death reviews: at least 90% of maternal deaths notified and reviewed
  • CRVS improvement: CRVS improvement plan approved by country government in place

2. Health indicators

  • Coverage indicators: statistics for 8 coverage indicators are available for at least one of the two preceding years, disaggregated by equi-ty stratifiers
  • Impact indicators: data for the 3 impact indicators are available based on data collected in the preceding three years, disaggregated by equity stratifiers

3. Innovation and eHealth

  • eHealth strategy: national eHealth strategy and plan is in place
  • Web based reporting: all districts are part of a national web based system to report health data and receive feedback

4. Resource tracking

  • Total health expenditure: total health expenditure per capita was tracked during the two preceding years, by financing source
  • RMNCH expenditure: RMNCH expenditure per capita is tracked during the two preceding years, by financing source

5. Country "compacts"

  • Financial reporting system: a country-led reporting system is in place for externally funded expenditure and predictable commitments

6. Capacity to review health spending

  • Reviews of health spending: annual reviews are conducted of health spending from all financial sources, including spending on RMNCH, as part of broader health sector reviews

7. National oversight

  • Reviews of performance: the country has conducted a compre-hensive review of health progress and performance in the last year

8. Transparency

  • Performance report public: a health sector performance report for the preceding year is available in the public domain
  • Global partners transparency: % of global partners that are publicly sharing information on commitments, resources provided and results achieved

9. Reporting Aid for MNCH

  • OECD CRS: External partners report annually to OECD-DAC their commitments and disbursements on health, with the com-ponents on RMNCH clearly identified

10. Global oversight

  • iERG - global strategy: iERG has reported to the UNSG on re-sults and resources related to the Global Strategy
  • iERG - accountability: iERG has reported to the UNSG on pro-gress in implementing the Commission's recommendations