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Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative


Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative

The Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative (HWAI) is an international civil society network addressing the global health workforce crisis, a fundamental and critical barrier to achieving universal access to a well-staffed and functioning health system. The HWAI network has a shared strategic vision of a “health worker for everyone, everywhere.”

Complementary to the work of HWAI’s members in the field of advocacy for health workforce issues and affiliated with the Global Health Workforce Alliance, the initiative is a platform for strategizing, generating and sharing knowledge and information, actively seeking and achieving synergies, and developing joint positions and activities related to advocacy for health workers.

HWAI promotes the development of human rights-based health workforce strategies designed to achieve universal health care, and other global health goals. HWAI seeks to empower health workers themselves to become advocates. Working primarily through issue-focused teams that are open to a wide variety of organizations and individuals to join, HWAI is building a broader network of civil society, health workers, and others committed to global health workforce advocacy.