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Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative

Future work

HWAI has committed to advancing the HRH policy agenda in the broader context of achievement of universal health care. HWAI will contribute directly to the Global Health Workforce Alliance advocacy objectives around HRH specific actions and commitments included in political declarations and investment decisions and increased volumes and improved quality of HRH investments and resources secured and deployed both nationally and globally.

HWAI operates through four distinct working groups. These include: (1) the Global Code of Practice, (2) Task shifting and sharing, (3) HRH mainstreaming, and (4) HRH financing. The working groups function by:

  • Encouraging selected global health financing institutions (e.g., Global Fund, World Bank, GAVI, AfDB) to set specific institutional objectives for financing HRH;
  • Engaging selected bilateral donors to promote investment in HRH and systematic reporting on their contributions;
  • Promoting adherence to the Global Code of Practice in the countries receiving the largest number of developing country health workers; and
  • Encouraging countries, especially health workforce crisis countries, to invest adequately in their health workforce and to implement evidence-based policies that optimize the use of available resources and facilitate equitable access to qualified, empowered health workers. In this arena, HWAI emphasizes South‐to‐South learning, as many workforce crisis countries are implementing fruitful approaches, including task shifting.