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Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative


The HWAI Secretariat provides overall administration of the HWAI Network, especially operational planning and budgeting, as well as reporting to members, partners, and donors. Currently, the Secretariat is held jointly by AMREF and IntraHealth International. The Secretariat carries out the following duties:

  • Publishes and updates information about HWAI members, their news, events, and resources on a joint electronic platform and website
  • Convenes HWAI member calls on a regular basis
  • Responds to new challenges and opportunities by informing and involving HWAI members and the steering committee
  • Coordinates with other similar activities on a global level such as GHWA, WHO, other global and international actors, and for dealing with HRH issues
  • Facilitates steering committee meetings and calls, preparing agendas and distributing minutes
  • Facilitates the implementation of decisions made by the steering committee
  • Mobilizes financial resources and promotes HWAI membership in cooperation with members, in particular the steering committee
  • Maintains regular contact with funding institutions and facilitates reporting, monitoring, and evaluation of the HWAI
  • Signs contracts with funding institutions