Positive Practice Environments Campaign

A group of Alliance members have initiated the Positive Practice Environments (PPE) Campaign, a worldwide campaign - to generate public awareness and political will to introduce and maintain improved working conditions and environments within health systems. This is a country and facility-centred initiative focusing on all health care settings. The campaign aims to improve the quality of health services by raising awareness, identifying good practice, developing tools for managers and health professionals in the field.

Working collaboratively, the campaign has been initiated by the International Council of Nurses, The International Pharmaceutical Federation, the World Dental Federation, The World Medical Association, the International Hospital Federation and the World Confederation for Physical Therapy, with the support of the Alliance.

Over the course of five years, the campaign aims to:

  • Raise the awareness, understanding and support of all relevant stakeholders about the positive impact healthy and supportive work environments have on the recruitment and retention of health professionals, patient outcomes and the health sector as a whole;
  • Apply the principles of positive practice environments in workplace design and management practices and facilitate their establishment in the health sector;
  • Offer a global platform to share information, good practices and lessons learned in relation to healthy and supportive workplaces in general and retention incentives in particular;
  • Stimulate a sustained trend towards the establishment of positive practice environments across the health sector; and
  • Recognize those settings that meet the criteria of PPE.

Country Case Studies on Positive Practice Environments:

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