Alliance Champion Lord Nigel Crisp

Lord Nigel Crisp

"We do need global frameworks, legislations and health reforms from the top, but unless it also happens from the bottom, it won't work. I continue to think that the biggest group of people who needs to be influenced are the health workers, and they need to be influenced through their own experiences, so that they will influence the top."

Lord Nigel Crisp

Lord Nigel Crisp is a prominent public health leader and advocate, who was the Chief Executive of the National Health Service (NHS) and the Permanent Secretary of the Department of Health of the United Kingdom in 2000-2006. A Cambridge philosophy graduate, Lord Crisp worked in community development before joining the NHS in 1986 to work in mental health and acute care. In 1993-1997, he served as the Chief Executive of the Oxford Radcliffe Hospital NHS Trust.

Since 2006, Lord Crisp has been a vocal and tireless advocate on global health and international development issues, publishing a number of articles and documents on health systems and global health priorities.

In 2007/08, he co-chaired the Alliance Taskforce on Education and Training and coauthored the report Scaling up, Saving lives. He followed this up by co-founding the Zambia UK Health Workforce Alliance to implement the recommendations of the Taskforce.

In January 2010, Lord Crisp has published a book on what rich and poor countries can learn from each other in today's inter-connected world, entitled "Turning the World Upside Down: the search for global health in the 21st Century". It argues for co-development and mutual learning rather than more top-down ideas of international development and knowledge transfer.

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