Alliance Champion Dr Marc Danzon

Dr Marc Danzon

"The health of the people can only improve if a well-functioning health system is able to provide care, prevention and health promotion. Health professionals are the essential strength of the health system. In their absence the system cannot provide the services expected by the population."

Dr Marc Danzon

Dr Marc Danzon has served two consecutive mandates as Director of the World Health Organization's Regional Office for Europe (from 2000-Feb. 2010). Dr Danzon is a medical doctor and an eminent advocate of public health issues specialized health administration and economics. During his mandate at the WHO he has led major health initiatives such as the First European Conference on Tobacco Policies and the Tallinn WHO Ministerial Conference on Health Systems, Health and Wealth.

Dr Danzon also demonstrated exceptional leadership in his role with the Fédération nationale de la Mutualité française (National Federation of Mutual Insurance Societies) as well as the Comité français d'éducation pour la santé (French Health Education Committee).

Taking advantage of his extensive public health experience Dr Danzon is committed to contributing to the work of the Alliance through high-level advocacy activities and initiatives to foster urgent action on the health workforce crisis.