Alliance Champion Dr Maria Isabel Rodriguez

Dr María Isabel Rodríguez, Minister of Health of El Salavdor

The life of Salvadoran physician Dr María Isabel Rodríguez has been marked by her commitment to education and science and her untiring struggle for the right to health, equity, women’s rights, and justice. Her dedication and commitment distinguish her among her peers and have made her an inexhaustible wellspring of inspiration to her colleagues, friends, and thousands of students. She combines an inquisitive spirit, great tenacity, and boundless energy with an enormous capacity for learning and leadership and a deep compassion for humanity, both individually and collectively.

Dr Rodríguez was appointed Minister of Health of El Salvador in June 2009. In this capacity, she is overseeing the transformation of the sector into an integrated, universal health system that is fair and high quality, using a rights-based approach grounded in Primary Health Care, to intensify and sustain the pursuit of equity, solidarity, social participation, and broad intersectoral work.