Alliance Champion Professor Sheila Tlou

Professor Sheila Tlou

"Many developing countries will not achieve the Millennium Development Goals partly because of shortage of skilled health personnel. This problem can, however, be resolved through global collaboration in health worker education and training, as well as ethical recruitment of health personnel. As champion advocate, I plan to use all opportunities available to raise awareness on the global health workforce crisis and to build international support for potential solutions."

Professor Sheila Tlou

Professor Sheila Tlou is a distinguished advocate for human resources for health issues. Former Minister of Health of Botswana through 2000-2004, Professor Tlou is widely recognized as a visionary leader and champion, particularly through her initiatives on HIV and AIDS, gender, and women's health.

Professor Tlou headed the Nursing Education Faculty at the University of Botswana, and has made outstanding achievements in the development of nursing profession both in her own country - Botswana and abroad. She published numerous articles and books on international health and development issues.

Professor Tlou has received several international awards, including the 2003 Florence Nightingale Medal by the International Committee of the Red Cross and the 2008 Presidential Award for Outstanding Contribution to Global Health by the American Academy of Nursing.

Professor Tlou has recently (October 2010 ) been appointed as UNAIDS' Regional Support Team Director for East and Southern Africa.

Action on the health workforce

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Selection of articles and publications by Professor Sheila Tlou:

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  • Home-based care in Botswana: Experiences of older women and young girls. In Health Care for Women International Vol. 24. (2003), co-authored by Professor Sheila Tlou with E. Lindsey, M Hirschfeld and E. Ncube