Alliance Champion Professor Keizo Takemi

Professor Keizo Takemi

"A strong health system can be built if we can nurture the three key building blocks: financing, information systems and health workforce. [...] Health workforce is the decisive factor for provision of good health care to our populations. I advocate for health workforce, but also for financing and information systems, because in order to build stronger health systems, we need to improve all three building blocks in an inter-linked, but isolated manner".

Professor Keizo Takemi

Professor Keizo Takemi is an internationally renowned advocate on global health and development issues, with decades of experience as a powerful member of a leading political party in Japan. Professor Takemi was the State Secretary for Foreign Affairs of Japan in 1998-1999 and the Senior Vice Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare of Japan in 2006-2007.

Professor Takemi taught at Tokai University since 1995 and has been appointed as the Harvard School of Public Health Research Fellow in November 2007.

In 2008, Professor Takemi led a high-level working group dedicated to advocating for collective action on global health, particularly on health system strengthening, within the G8 Summit, hosted by Japan. Both the pre-summit proposal and the follow-up report succeeded in ensuring strong commitment by the G8 2008 to recognize and address the global health workforce crisis. This commitment played a major role for pushing the agenda forward towards a continued commitment from the G8 Summit 2009 in Italy.

Action on the health workforce

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