Technical Working Group on Universal Access

In recognition that human resources for health (HRH) shortages are a major obstacle to scaling up of HIV services towards Universal Access (UA) and achieving of the health-related MDGs, the Alliance Board established the Technical Working Group (TWG) on HRH implications of UA to HIV prevention, treatment, care and support.

The main purpose of the TWG was to:

  • Develop evidence-based recommendations for a global strategic direction to guide the process and approaches needed to meet country-level HRH requirements to achieve national targets for scaling up towards Universal Access that enhance other national health delivery systems; and
  • Make strategic recommendations that will inform, contribute to and influence political and policy discussion and action at global, regional and country levels to address the Human Resources for Health crisis and assist countries in implementing the recommendation.

Recommendations include guidelines for scaling up HRH to work towards UA, as well as implementation guidelines for countries working to address their health system-wide HRH needs and gaps. The report and implementation guidelines form part of the Alliance strategy for addressing and guiding management and to resolving the HRH crisis.

This TWG was co-chaired by Thomas Kenyon, Principal Deputy Coordinator and Chief Medical Officer, CDC Ethiopia and Mark Stirling, UNAIDS Country Coordinator, China.

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