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Task Force on Migration - Health Worker Migration Policy Initiative

Health Worker Migration Council co-chairs
(from left) Health Worker Migration Council Co-Chairs: Dr Francis Omaswa and Senator Tom Daschle
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Since its inception, the Global Health Workforce Alliance (the Alliance) has clearly identified health worker migration as one of the fundamental issues to be addressed for the resolution of the health workforce crisis. In May 2007, the Alliance convened and facilitated the Health Worker Migration Initiative (HWMI), which worked with the World Health Organization in support of developing a framework for the Global Code of Practice on International Recruitment of Health Personnel, which was unanimously adopted at the World health Assembly in May 2010.

The HWMI has continued its work and became an independent programme. It is now housed at The Aspen Institute and is dedicated to identifying and promoting innovative policies to address the growing global challenge of inequitable healthcare access due to the migration of health workers, highlighting promising practices at the global, regional, and country level.

HWMI runs various programs and initiatives, namely: Council Conversation Series, bilateral agreements databank, and Health Worker Migration Innovations Award. These initiatives are part of a broader strategy of reversing the international migration of health personnel from resource poor to resource rich countries.

In addition, HWMI is the secretariat of The Health Worker Migration Council (the “Council”), a taskforce of high level policy makers from sending and receiving nations and experts that was established as part of the HWMI in 2007 to review and promote global, regional, and national policy action to support the more ethical management of global health worker migration.

The Council’s primary mandate is to identify, assess and promote innovative policies to address challenges posed by health worker migration and global disparities in the health workforce. Specifically, the Council aims to ensure that the ethical principles, outlined in the WHO Global Code and other policy mechanisms, result in the development of policies and efforts that better manage the gains and losses associated with the international migration of health workers while ultimately striving to improve health outcomes for all.

The Council works in partnership with WHO, the Global Health Workforce Alliance, the Health Workforce Advocacy Initiative (HWAI) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) and is Co-Chaired by:

  • Francis Omaswa: Executive Director- African Centre for Global Health and Social Transformation (ACHEST)
  • Tom Daschle: Former United States Senate Majority Leader (D-SD)