The Private Sector Taskforce

The Private Sector Task Force (PSTF) was formed under the aegis of the Alliance to understand how the private sector is responding to the HRH crisis; identify practical and actionable insights to accelerate successful private sector responses; and engage, within significant resource constraints, with a small subset of private sector innovators to support their activities and increase the PSTF’s insights into successful private health sector responses.

The PSTF reviewed 31 initiatives in low-income countries (primarily located in Africa) that increased the supply, improved the effectiveness, and/or slowed attrition and misdistribution of health workers. The PSTF also contributed to the scaling and cross-border implementation of three private health sector initiatives in Kenya, Mali, and Zambia. Based on these experiences, the PSTF has identified critical enabling environment factors that can determine the success or failure of private sector HRH initiatives and proposed actions to facilitate engagement of the private sector in a way that enhances the quality and management of private sector services.

The recommendations from this report are expected to inform future policies and practices impacting the expansion and cross-border implementation of private sector initiatives that impact health workforce training, effectiveness and retention

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