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Working Group on Tools and Guidelines

Human Resources for Health Action Framework

The Human Resources for Health Action Framework (HAF) is one of the working group's main products. It seeks to compile the guidelines, tools, knowledge and best practices on health workforce planning into a single, user-friendly, web-based tool.

In the complex field of human resources for health, finding accurate data and analyzing situations has proven difficult. This working group, headed by WHO's Dr Manuel Dayrit, has developed a framework and indicators to assist policy makers in planning, assessing, managing and monitoring the health workforce in countries. Making these tools accessible and relevant through novel approaches is part of the challenge. To find practical solutions to an old and cross-cutting set of issues, the working group on tools & guidelines is tapping into the top technical experts in the field of human resources for health.

Specifically, the Working Group was mandated to focus on three lines of activity with relation to the HAF:

  • Communication and dissemination of the HAF;
  • Compiling and developing tools and guidelines to support HAF; and
  • Applying HAF in health workforce development activities.

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