Third Annual World Health Workers Week

#HealthWorkersCount: The backbone of global health goals
April 5- 11, 2015 -- The Third Annual World Health Worker Week is yet another opportunity to mobilize communities, partners and policy makers in support of health workers worldwide. We are pleased to invite all HRH stakeholders, GHWA members and partners to celebrate the week by raising public awareness and engagement on health workforce issues, and recognize the lifesaving contribution of the health workforce.

GHWA Board endorses principle of universal access to health workers at its 18th Board meeting

The Board of the Global Health Workforce Alliance (the Alliance) met in Geneva on 25-26 February 2015 to examine the strategic requirements for the health workforce agenda in the post-2015 period, the exciting potential of health workforce investment on health, equity and socio-economic outcomes, and the future of global governance for human resources for health (HRH) after the successful completion of the ten-year mandate of the Alliance in May 2016.

Invitation to tender for estimating requirements for the global strategy on human resources for health

The objective of this assignment is for the World Health Organization (WHO), in collaboration with the World Bank and other stakeholder, to identify the health workforce requirements for the implementation of the WHO global strategy on human resources for health and for the attainment of the health targets envisaged under the emerging Sustainable Development Goals, and the corresponding financing and costing estimates under a range of different possible scenarios. The development of the estimates will contribute to the contents of the WHO global strategy on human resources for health, as well as represent a stand-alone research activity aiming to inform future efforts in support of global health workforce initiatives. The invitation to tender outlines the expectations and requirements of this assignment. The deadline for submissions is 8 March 2015.

Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health

Since early 2014, the Global Health Workforce Alliance (GHWA) coordinated a broad-based global consultation, through the development of 8 thematic papers to collate evidence in support of the global strategy on human resources for health (HRH). GHWA held a public consultation from 24 September and 30 November 2014 and invited feedback on the 8 thematic papers.
GHWA has now summarized the findings of the papers and has developed a “synthesis document” to provide recommendations to WHO, to inform the development of the global strategy on HRH. feedback and comments on this synthesis document until January 31. The comments are currently being considered and the final synthesis paper will be presented and discussed at the GHWA board at its 18th Board meeting 25-26 February 2015. WHO will use the recommendations from synthesis document to inform the deliberations by its Member States. For more information on the rationale and the process of developing the Strategy please refer to our "Information flyer”



7-9 March

Commission on Graduates of Foreign Nursing Schools -CGFNS International’s acquiring the Alliance for Ethical Practices in Recruitment of International Healthcare Professional- Philadelphia, USA

9-10 March

Every Woman Every Child High-Level Progress Report Launch Event- New York, USA

22-25 March

HRH National Consultation Workshop- Jakarta, Indonesia

24 March

World TB Day- Global

25-27 March

HRH National Consultation Workshop- Colombo, Sri Lanka

30 March-1 April

Human Resources for Health Forum-Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

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