Phnomsarakam Community Hospital: Pay for Performance to Increase Job Satisfaction and Retention

Thailand rural area, like other countries, is not an attractive place for the health workforce to work. Phnomsarakam Hosptal is 90 bed hospital located 53 kilometers away from Chacheongsao province and about 130 kilometers from Bangkok. High workload as well as lack of appropriate incentives leads to the job dissatisfaction of the hospital personnel. Among a few leading community hospitals, Phnomsarakam Community Hospital has implemented the pay for performance scheme in order to provide incentives to increase the staff job satisfaction as well as to attract and retain staff in the rural hospital.

The hospital has initiated the point system with the full participation of the hospital staff as well as the strong leadership of the hospital director. The staffs are satisfied with the new payment system and they are able to better contribute to the hospital.

Thai traditional medicine is also a highlight among health services provided. Thai massage is offered to patients, relatives, and those who come for relaxation. Research and development in Thai traditional healing has been incorporated into their mainstream work.

Phnomsarakam Hospital is among the leading hospitals in relation to quality of care and effective services. These claims are testified by the fact that the hospital achieved ISO 9001 in 2003, Hospital Accreditation in 2004, and the piloted health promotion hospital in 2004.