Ban Paew Hospital: The First and Only Public Autonomous Hospital in Thailand

Being the only autonomous hospital in Thailand, Ban Paew has been known for their effective management. With the public sector reform aiming to make the public sector lean and efficient, Ban Paew Hospital has been decentralized to become the “Public Autonomous Hospital” in 2000. The hospital is located in an urban area in the middle of several factories, where their customers are from. Interestingly, strong support and participation from people are found at this hospital.

Ban Paw Hospital is a 300 bed hospital staffed with almost 1,000 health workforce. Its effective business management style has enabled the hospital to compete with private hospitals. Staff retention measures have been used, such as financial incentives, to be competitive with those of the private sector and non-financial incentives are also used. The job satisfaction of staff is high and the turn over rate is low.

The hospital has extended branches at 7 locations in Bangkok and Nonthaburi. Moreover, mobile clinics on eye surgery have reached 40 out of 76 provinces in Thailand.