Uthong Hospital: Combination of Conventional and Alternative Medicines

Uthong Hospital is a 150 bed hospital, located at Uthong district, Supanburi province. Originally, Uthong Hospital provided conventional care to people. However, realizing that alternative medicine or Thai traditional medicine, when appropriately used, could be cost-effective health care, the hospital has started to provide alternative medicine since 1985. The Thai traditional officer, one cadre of trained health workforce, has been hired since then. The herbal medicines have been produced and dispensed to patients along with conventional medicine.

The hospital has also provided support to the health centers as well as other hospitals to provide alternative services to patients. The herbal medicine production has been growing and is known as “Uthong Thai Herb”. Patients are able to choose between conventional treatment or medicines of their choice.

Uthong Hospital is a good example to show how health care profession and Thai traditional practitioners work together based on patients’ choice.