A selection of fellows share their thoughts on the scheme

Dessy Sagita, The Jakarta Globe, Indonesia

"Being a journalist fellow at the Forum is the most unforgettable experience of my journalism career. I learned to care about the health worker shortage in other countries as well as my own.

"Meeting the other nine fellows was also the highlight of the year for me. I feel very lucky to have met these amazingly talented journalists from other developing countries.

"Also, the valuable lessons taught by our mentor also helped me return to Indonesia with much more confidence in myself as a reporter. The Forum has convinced me that I, a single person, can make a difference."

Befekadu Beyene, Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency

"It was really nice to be in Bangkok. I'm now highly inspired to report on HRH issues because being fellow of the forum helps me to understand the situation not just in my country, but for others as well.

"The Forum gave me the opportunity to exchange thoughts on HRH issues, and to meet other journalists and share experiences of working in our profession."

Carmen Toudonou, National Radio, Benin

"I’m very glad to be involved in the Journalist Fellowship Programme at the Second Global Forum on Human Resources for Health, in Bangkok. I learnt a lot about health workforce problems around the world. It was also an opportunity for me to meet journalists from many other countries, including Africa and Asia. I hope that this programme will be continued as it will help all countries increase their health resources capacities, and achieve the MDGs."

Ali Male, Congo Web TV, DRC

"I really enjoyed the time spent with you and colleagues in Thailand at the 2nd Global Forum on HRH. It was a real pleasure for me to be working in this context of linguistic, racial and cultural diversity. My greatest wish now would be to meet all of you again if such opportunity arose. Be assured that this experience and the newly acquired knowledge on Human Resources for Health will be forever in my memory."