From Kampala to Bangkok: Marking progress, forging solutions

Venue: TBC

Day and time: Thursday, 27 January 2011 - 11:00-12:30

The Global Health Workforce Alliance (The Alliance) adopted the Kampala Declaration and Agenda for Global Action (KD/AGA) two years ago as a guide to solving the HRH crisis. This plenary session will review its progress, particularly in the 57 crisis countries, examine individual country experiences and address future challenges.

The critical shortage of health workers is widely recognised as one of the most fundamental constraints to improving health overall.

In 2006, the WHO estimated that another 4.2 million health workers were needed to make an impact on health services – 1.5 million more in Africa alone. It was clear that a massive scale-up of HRH is essential to reach the health-related Millennium Development Goals.

To address this issue, the Alliance adopted the Kampala Declaration and Agenda for Global Action (KD/AGA) as a strategy to solving the HRH crisis, particularly for countries facing severe shortages of health workforce.

The Declaration was launched at the First Global Forum on Human Resources for Health (HRH) in March 2008, and its participants committed to an ambitious agenda of improvements and global investment in HRH.

Two years later, the Alliance surveyed the 57 priority countries and will present its findings at this opening plenary. The report aims to provide an instrument for partners and stakeholders to collectively review progress, hold one another accountable, and renew their commitment to sustainable HRH solutions.

The objectives of this plenary, include to:

  • Review the progress of the KD/AGA, specifically in the 57 HRH crisis countries;
  • Share and explore these country-level experiences;
  • Discuss the of accelerating the implementation of the KD/AGA and effectively address the challenges faced.

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