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3rd Global Forum on Human Resources for Health

HRH Commitments

The GHWA and the WHO Secretariat, in consultation with key partners, developed a template to identify HRH areas and pathways requiring further efforts, and invited WHO Member States, institutions, stakeholders and partners to make new HRH commitments which they could announce at the Forum. The HRH commitment template serves as an advocacy instrument, facilitating policy dialogue around relevant pathways for evidence based HRH actions, and provides adaptable examples structured according to the AAAQ (Availability, Accessibility, Acceptability and Quality) framework. WHO country offices, WHO regional advisers, staff members in the GHWA Secretariat, and selected member organizations of GHWA have supported focal points in national ministries of health to identify HRH commitments. To date, we received 83 commitments (57 from Member States, 26 from other constituencies, entities and organizations). 70 HRH commitments by countries and other stakeholders were presented during the Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health (HRH) in Recife, Brazil, through five dedicated track sessions.

All the commitments are now available on this site. You can choose to download the entire collection of commitments or individually visit the countries/institutions you might be interested in. Each country/ institution has a dedicated page with an extract of the commitment as well as the full commitment document submitted. Where applicable, the video’s of the commitments being announced have been /will be uploaded. All extracts are/will be made available in English. The full commitment documents are in the original language submitted - whether English, French, Spanish or Portuguese. GHWA has not altered the language of the commitments, in order to avoid misinterpretation.


Several of the 57 countries who made HRH commitments in Recife have started taking concrete policy decisions and actions to translate them into reality. Some examples of progress are highlighted in the following country examples:

Analysis of the commitments



WHO/PAHO /Victor Ariscain

One of the key results of the Third Global Forum on Human Resources for Health was to bolster political commitments on Human Resources for Health (HRH), based on technical evidence, in order to accelerate progress towards Universal Health Coverage, the attainment of the health MDGs and to advance the HRH agenda in countries and globally.

Refer to the HRH commitment pathways document used to solicit commitments
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