National multistakeholder committee and evidence base for HRH:

  • Establishing committee for HRH from Ministry of public health, WHO, Ministry of higher education Orders, Syndicates, Health faculties in order to elaborate strategic plan and standardized data for HRH and update

Laws and regulations:

  • Issuing Laws and regulations for the non-organized health professions
  • Review and update laws for medical professions
  • Adopting new laws for the continuous education for the other medical professions
  • Creating and supporting of new health professions orders

Quality of education:

  • Adopting and financing HRH education programs
  • Adopting new measures to regulates licensing requirements (colloquium exams…)
  • Conducting training programs (as the contract between MOPH and Faculty of health –Lebanese university)
  • Bridging curriculum for the vocational programs towards university programs
  • Promote affiliation and twinning programs (Educational )

Quality of work environment:

  • Adopting policies and incentives for retention (Unsatisfactory salary, Unsuitable shifts and working hours, better opportunities in other areas within or outside Lebanon)
  • Adopting remuneration scale based on performance for HRH
  • Improving of financial and work conditions